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Monday, December 29, 2008

To Paint, or Not to Paint.........

Ok......so I painted my kitchen all white, back in July, and stenciled Mickey Mouse heads for my border. The problem? The 'old' paint on my ceiling is chipping away and desperatly needs painted. I bought red paint for the ceiling, thinking that it wouuld bring out some color in the kitchen. Well....with my family coming in this week, I really want it to look good. But...what is the best way to paint a ceiling? Do I need to scrape off all the chipped paint? Do I need a primer? Is a roller too messy? Has anyone out there done this before? It will prbably take a few coats, but was interested in some thoughts........ Thanks.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here we go..............

This is all new to me........the whole blogging thing. I have been reading a friend of mine's blog on a daily basis for over a year and it just took me until today to see the little 'start a blog' button for me to click on. I have been thinking of doing a blog just for the same reasons as most: to keep family and friends informed on how we are. We have a lot of family (and friends)that live far away and this way we can put our daily lives up front for them to see! I'm excited! Aren't you?