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Monday, January 5, 2009

No Diet!!!

Well, new year..........hmmmm. I promised myself I wouldn't use the word: diet.
About 2 weeks back while at the doctor, she noticed my blood pressure has been pretty high for the last 1-2 years. She suggested that if I 'maybe' drop 20-30 lbs. that it would help.
After chatting for a few moments, I mentioned that both of my parents are diabetic. So........she suggested counting carbs and calories. NOT A DIET!!! (sounds like a diet to me..lol).
Anyways-starting Mon. (now today since it is after midnight), I will be doing this. I don't want to be dependent on medication for high blood pressure (which is where I am headed), and I definately do not want to be diabetic. So, I guess I need to eat like a diabetic, but I am allowed to splurge at 'events' .......lol.
We'll see................................